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Sand Controlling and Horizontal Well Completion Service Centre
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Sand controlling which is one of the essential technology measures to development sand inflow oil pool is very important to make the production stable and enhance the economic benefits. We can obtain the higher benefit only if we apply the better measures which adapt to the formation conditions and the development technologies.
Well completion is an important section of the oilfield development. Well completion should be accordance with the requirements of oilfield development program and make reservoir the most effective and create favorable conditions for underground work.
Sand Controlling and Horizontal Well Completion Service Centre of Huashi Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has more than ten engineers for on-site well completion services. They can supply the best program according to the specific reservoir.

Main businesses are as follows:
Sand controlling:
1. Slotted Liner Sand Control
2. Gravel Pack Sand Control
3. High Pressure Sand Control
4. Chemical Sand Control
5. Fracturing Sand Control
6. Prepack Screen Pipe Sand Control
Horizontal Well Completion
1. Open Hole Completion
2. Slotted Liner Well Completion
3. Prepack Screen Pipe Completion
4. Gravel Pack Completion
5. Chemical and Mechanical Sand Control Completion
6. Internal Casing Fracturing and Gravel Packing Completion
7. Slotted Liner with ECP Well Completion


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